Event Recognition in Photo Collections with a Stopwatch HMM

Lukas Bossard, Matthieu Guillaumin, Luc Van Gool

The task of recognizing events in photo collections is central for automatically organizing images. It is also very challenging, because of the ambiguity of photos across different event classes and because many photos do not convey enough relevant information. Unfortunately, the field still lacks standard evaluation data sets to allow comparison of different approaches.


The PEC Data Set

Our data set of personal photo collections contains more than 61'000 images in 807 collections, annotated with 14 diverse social event classes. For all images, full EXIF information is available (either embedded or in a XML file) and also the test/train splitting used in our publications is provided.

Because of the personal nature of the data set, we will provide a download link to the data set upon request.

Download (10.8 GB)


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