NTIRE Workshop and Challenges @ CVPR 2018
Indoor Image Dehazing Challenge
Image dehazing has become an important computational imaging topic in the recent years. However, due to the lack of groundtruth images, the comparison of dehazing methods is not straightforward, nor objective. To overcome this issue we introduce I-HAZE, a new dataset that contains 35 image pairs of hazy and corresponding haze-free (ground-truth) indoor images. Different from most of the existing dehazing databases, hazy images have been generated using real haze produced by a professional haze machine. To ease color calibration and improve the assessment of dehazing algorithms, each scene includes a MacBeth color checker. Moreover, since the images are captured in a controlled environment, both haze-free and hazy images are captured under the same illumination conditions. This represents an important advantage of the I-HAZE dataset that allows us to objectively compare the existing image dehazing techniques using traditional image quality metrics such as PSNR and SSIM.
NTIRE is a CVPR workshop that aims to provide an overview of the new trends and advances in those areas. Moreover, it offers an opportunity for academic and industrial attendees to interact and explore collaborations. Jointly with workshop NTIRE organised in 2018 the first image dehazing online challenge.

I-HAZE has been employed in the dehazing challenge of the NTIRE 2018 CVPR workshop.
I-HAZE: a dehazing benchmark with real hazy and haze-free indoor images
Codruta O. Ancuti
Cosmin Ancuti
Radu Timofte
Christophe De Vleeschouwer

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