A Mobile Vision System for Robust Multi-Person Tracking

This page hosts the videos and datasets used in our CVPR 2008 publication: Andreas Ess, Bastian Leibe, Konrad Schindler, and Luc van Gool, "A Mobile Vision System for Robust Multi-Person Tracking".

This video shows the system in action on a long, challenging sequence with a many moving agents that frequently occlude each other, and at times, also most of the camera's field of view.

We hope that you can use the provided data in your research. If you are performing comparisons, we would love to learn about your results. Please reference our paper when using the data:
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New: Most of the sequences can be found on the dataset page.

The numbering of the sequences is according to the paper. For each sequence, we provide the images, the calibration files, as well as single frame annotations.
Note: part of the data comes from our preceding ICCV'07 publication.


Calibration files contain the calibration for both left and right camera (K [3x3], rad [1x2] tan [1x2] R [3x3] t [1x3]), with K the internal calibration, rad/tan the radial/tangential distortion coefficients, and R/t external calibration, world -> camera (i.e. X_cam = R X_world + t).

The cameras are installed about 900 mm above ground for the new sequences (#1,#2,#5).

IDL files

An IDL file is used for storing the annotations of the sequence. For each image, it lists a set of bounding boxes, separated by commas. The boxes contain upper-left and lower-right corner, but are not necessarily sorted according to this. A semicolon ends the list of bounding boxes for a single file, a period ends the file.
"filename": (x1, y1, x2, y2), (x1, y1, x2, y2), ...;

A simple MATLAB reader is available: readIDL.m